Tower, Mast and Radio Site Build

Sitenett's construction capabilities includes building lattice towers, guyed masts, monopoles, rooftop and building mounted antenna support structures. Starting with a greenfield, we can construct the entire site build to CDM regulations, from site setup, foundations, structure build, fencing, cabins & cabinets.


We also have a variety of lifting capabilities, including aerial crane heli-lifts and craneless construction of smaller structures with difficult access sites. This allows us to provide bespoke towers and structures for all purposes.



Towers & Masts

Antenna Installation

Siklu unit being installed by Sitenett engineer

From a single dipole and feeder to an entire network roll out, the Sitenett team, comprising of experienced on-site riggers and climbers and in-house project support and logistics personnel, can handle any job. Using an array of manual and mechanical hoisting systems our rigging team can install, pan and remove all antennas or equipment, operating safely and efficiently.


Our IRATA roped access capabilities reduce risk and allows us to work very competently when carrying out rigging operations. The Sitenett team regularly practice different rescue techniques and have complete Health and Safety compliance for all climbing & rigging operations. We are also approved for both Arqiva and WIG climbing.

Sitenett's mobile welfare unit allows the team to work autonomously in remote locations, allowing us too remain self sufficient for extended periods of time in otherwise arduous and difficult conditions.


Supporting our engineering teams, our logistical support capability is managed from our office in Banbury which includes full warehouse and an ultra-efficient staging and fulfilment operation. We also have manned satellite staging locations in Newcastle and Edinburgh ensuring that we can hold project materials, stock and spares in multiple locations for full UK coverage.

Site Decommissions


Sitenett have a many years experience in decommissioning radio sites, including everything from many different styles and types of lattice towers to monopoles and timber towers. We use a wide range of equipment and techniques, including mobile cranes, all terrain cranes, tandem lifts and aerial crane heli lift. We also have a breadth of experience in structure topping, which, if the situation allows, is faster and carries significant less risk than traditional methods.


Safe removal of tower ancillaries such as antennas, bracketry and feeder cables can have a sizeable impact on timescales and cost in a decommissioning programme.  Our IRATA roped access capability allows fast and efficient preparation of structures for lifting and our riggers have vast experience with hauling and hoisting systems.

Inspections and Rigging


Sitenett's in-house inspection services range from general site and tower conditional surveys to complete structural mapping and GDC (Global Design Check) analysis. Our in-house IRATA roped access capability allows us to efficiently perform structural survey work, at reduced risk, particularly on taller and wider faced structures. Our structure conditional surveys are useful for highlighting any repair and maintenance issues that may exist on any mast or tower. Sitenett has extensive experience of all types of structures and can produce accurate and comprehensive reports. Site conditional surveys and multi skilled visits check all aspects of the general site at ground level, highlighting any repair and maintenance issues that may exist including safety and security issues.



Tower being climbed by Sitenett engineer

Sitenett is a MS (Distribution) UK Ltd. company